Outdoor Portraits

Chris knows how much a pet can mean to a person. They show unconditional love and their unique personalities make an imprint on our lives.  As an avid upland game hunter, Chris truly understands the joys of working with his dog, “A pheasant or grouse in my game pouch is only part of the upland experience, watching my dog work and the enjoyment he gets makes it all complete.” Allow Chris to capture your pets personality.  Whether its a day in the field or the special relationship between a horse and its rider, he will provide you with photographic memories that will keep your pet in the family forever.


Chris also enjoys capturing all those things that simply make people tick. Wether it be a pursuit of large game with a bow, or simply going to those places that one may find peace, the variety of things that outdoor enthusiasts enjoy keeps the world real.  Capture your passion with images and keep pursuing all those things that make you feel alive.  Photo packages available. Call or e-mail for details.